INNOVATIVE THINKING Professional Analytical Instruments Supplier (UNITED MACHINERY CORP.)

The future of UMC Science Co., Ltd is challenge and value creation. UMC Science. Co., Ltd was established in 2007 with the purpose of supplying the best analytical equipment built with excellent technology specialized in the pharmaceutical, environmental, chemical, macromolecular, biotechnical fields. It has been running the road of growth and development through the investment and development in incessant research until it has become the current UMC Science. Co., Ltd. It will broaden the market for UMC Science Co., Ltd to the world beyond Korea from now on. UMC Science Co., Ltd: 1. Has got the best technical engineers per each brand (Waters, Agilent, Shimadzu, etc.) 2. Conducts the performance verification through self-test prior to the delivery. 3. Provides six months of the free warranty period for refurbished products sold from the company. 4. Basically provides the software which allows the control of the equipment. We are going to be the world's best analytical equipment supplier from the best national analytical equipment supplier by putting the intrinsic know-how of UMC Science Co., Ltd. VISION Challenge and Value Creation for the Future MISSION Provide the new paradigm to the future society through innovative technology and product while devoting to humanity and society and trying the best.

UMC Science Co., Ltd is a progressive company that is composed of young and fresh talents.
UMC Science Co., Ltd is the company that puts top priority on customer satisfaction.
UMC Science. Co., Ltd is the company that consistently grows in-between person and person.