Flow reaction Pump
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    FLOM KP-22D
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    연속 유동 반응 시스템. Pump.

연속 유동 반응 시스템 공정을 구성하는 Pump.


  • High precision and stable flow volumes
  • Equipped with pulse control for reduced fluctuations in pressure
  • Easy to read backlighted LCD display
  • Real-time display of pressure
  • Column integrity protected by convenient upper-limit pressure switch
  • Metered flow mode allows setting to desired flow volumes
  • RS-232C interface for computer control
  • Fluorocarbon polymer used throughout the wetted path
  • Can choose from 3 different models to match desired flow ranges
  • Compact design similar to the SP and KP Series

Spec Sheet

Product Name All-Fluorocarbon Polymer Dual Pump
Part Number KP-22-13D KP-22-33D
Max pressure *1 2MPa 1MPa
Flow rate range*2 0.01~10.00mL/min 0.1~50.0mL/min
Flow per stroke 32μl 154μl
Flow accuracy ±0.3%
Features Self-regulating function  ・ Flow correction ・ Pressure loss correction ・ Constant Pressure Flow*3 ・ Set Volume Dispensing
Pressure accuracy ±5%
Wetted material Inert:Sapphire・Ruby・PTFE・ECTFE・ETFE
Control Panel Input: PUMP ON/OFF ・ Output: Error signal
Communication RS232C
Dimensions(mm) 144(H) x 79(W) x 285(D) excluding protuberances
Weight approx 3.8kg
Order Code SDP-P1114 SDP-P1111
  • *1 Max pressure (MPa) here means transient maximum pressure; it does NOT mean regular maximum pressure at the maximum flow rate.
  • *2 Long term pumping is not possible if flow rate is set to maximum
  • *3 The pressure value displayed when using the constant pressure mode is the average of all measured values. Pulse mode cannot be used with the constant pressure mode.
  • For custom designs not listed above contact us directly.
  • Product specifications and appearance may be altered without prior notice.