Flow reaction automatic Valve
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    FLOM VA-11
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    연속 유동 반응 시스템 Valve

연속 유동 반응 시스템 공정을 구성하는 Valve


  • multiple flow patterns can be adapted to your specific analytical setup
  • can be setup with a variety of flow diameters from micro-analysis to fractionating applications
  • can be configured with inert materials for fluid contact areas
  • useful for UHPLC chromatography
  • over 300 different types of valve heads available

Wetted Material

Standard PEEK Rotor Seal

Uses PEEK material which has much better solvent resistance compared to the standard VespelR used in conventional designs.


Choose between PEEK and Stainless Steel for rigidity and solvent resistance. Over 200 types available.

Spec Sheet

Product Name Valve
Part Number VA-11
Automatic Control Direct Drive by DC Motor
Switching Mode 2-position change   Rotary Port Selection
Manual Input Position Change
Position Reset
Remote Input/Output Contact Input: Position Change
Pulse Input: Position Change, Position Set, Home Position Reset, CPU Reset
Pulse Output: Port Position, Error
Voltage Range AC100~240V 50・60Hz
Pulse Logic Input 2-position change, rotary port selection, home position reset, CPU reset
Pulse Logic Output Port position, error
Dimensions(mm) 144(H)×79(W)×285(D)(excluding protuberances)
Weight approx. 2.3kg
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