Permeapad GIT(위장막,오랄 멤브레인) [ Permeapad GIT (Membrane) ]
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    Permeapad GIT(위장막,오랄 멤브레인)
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    LOGAN Instruments
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    Permeapad GIT(위장막,오랄 멤브레인)

구강(오랄), 위장막 사용

A novel biomimetic membrane that simulates the intestinal wall and buccal mucosa

◾ For in-vitro permeation study
◾ Ready to use membrane
◾ To test drug permeation completely animal cruelty free

Permeapad - GIT Barrier

We suggest performing in-vitro dissolution & permeation assays before BA/BE studies.
Generate a dynamic absorption profile to mimic in-vivo drug absorption.

biomimetic. 3 layers with lipids in the middle, cellulose top and bottom. Similar in properties to intestinal. Buccal membrane. Meant for ORAL DOSAGE absorption rate test.

◾ Permetro system application