SentroProbe DR LS [ SentroProbe DR LS ]
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    Diffuse reflectance probes
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다양한 분야의 제약제조 공정에서 고체 검체에 대한 강력한 샘플링 옵션 제공


  • Two internal light sources
  • Integrated white reference for outstanding long term stability
  • 3/4" probe tip with different lengths
  • GMP compliant design
  • ATEX zone 20/21 certified


Continuous Manufacturing
PAT-Applications in continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing processes

High Shear Wet Granulation
Introduction to the Application of NIR based PAT to monitor High Shear Wet Granulation

Tablet press feed frame
Potency & Blend/Granule Uniformity measurement with NIR probe in the feed frame of tablet presses

Fluid bed coating
Online NIR spectroscopy tablet and granule coating thickness measurement

Roller compaction
NIR can be used to measure ribbon density and porosity

Hot melt extrusion
NIR based inline monitoring for pharmaceutical hot melt extrusion

More Information

SentroProbe DR LS NIR is a probe for measurement of diffuse reflectance in the NIR range. The probe contains two redundant working tungsten bulbs which illuminate the sample directly. Due to this direct illumination the highest possible signal-to-noise ratio will be achieved. Each bulb has a nominal lifetime of 14,000hrs.


There are multiple options for mounting the SentroProbe DR LS to the processing equiment. Most commonly a 2" flange is used together with a hygienic clamp. This flange can be welded to a position defined by the user. Also avalailable is a flexible flange that provides maximum of flexibility for installations of the probe.







Part of the internal optics is a PTFE based standard integrated at the probe tip. This internal standard can be used for automated drift correction or as reference. The use of one of this options provides a superior long term stability without the need of external referencing.
The reflected light is detected by a 400µm single core fiber. The connection between probe and spectrometer based on such a single core fiber is very cost efficient.

The probe tip is made of stainless steel which is electro polished and a Sapphire window. It is designed for a measurement in direct contact with the sample. The diameter of the measurement spot is approxiametly 5mm. Optionally the probe tip can be heated. This option ensures a clean window for measurements of sticking product (e.g. wet granulation).


There are no maintenance needs for the probe except the replacement of the bulbs. This replacement requires no special tools and can be done by trained service engineers.


















Technical Data


Parameter Specification
Technology Diffuse reflectance
Light source 2 redundant tungsten light sources
Nominal life time 14,000hrs for each bulb
Lamp power Configurable up to 5W
Wavelength range 400 - 2500nm
Measurement spot approximately 5mm
Detection fiber Single core 400µm fiber optical cable
Measurement distance Direct product contact
Probe tip diameter 3/4" (19mm)
Standard lengths probe tip 65mm, 100mm, 200mm, 300mm
Ambient conditions 0°C - 60°C, 0-10bar
Installation Flexible and welded 2" hygienic flanges
Rating IP65, ATEX zone 20/21, GMP compliant
Optional features Configurable probe tip heating